Discrimination, death, injustice and boundaries: May 15, RIP


The more i get involved the more i know i am limited by boundaries and an invisible power that ties my ambitions to the ground. When i was young, i used to fly in my dreams and i felt the will to make me become the change i wanted to see, act and make and create.

So i got engaged and i acted and the more i did the more i felt the frustration, the disgust, and the abuse of my ambitions. Look at what happened yesterday: Nakba, the return of the Palestinians, the return of Justice, and the return of order in the world. But nothing was returned, instead it returned to where we were: chaos and catastrophes, more injustice. Stones against bullets. Hands against snipers. Unfairness instead of fairness. Voices against the silence on injustice.

What about the ignorance of some religious “leaders” who caused the crowd to rage and therefore die? i am enraged as i write as you are when you read this, but i rage on my responsibility. i hate that the protestors died. i hate that all that was mentioned internationally is that “siyadet israel” was abused and not humans souls.

Not Zeinab Karnib, not the 15 year-old child who wore for the last time the clothes her mother ironed and washed for her. Nothing human in this humanity! Nothing just nothing logical like the words i am trying to use to express my rage and sorrow over these victims. i was programmed to say may their souls rest in peace, where and how i do not know, but i do know that no matter what the costs are, i will continue to rebel and revolt through all means possible, rebelling and revolting against these injustices.


Sawt al' Niswa




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