week three :: production roles

Role Production - Asian Film Academy

we are all collaborating in groups on projects for the remaining days of the workshop. since we have to plan + schedule it helps to have an idea of what roles each of us will play on the project. here is a breakdown of some production roles and generally what each does during pre-production, production, post production and distribution… feel free to add duties as you gain experience in each phase of production.

we are low budget so each person may fill 2 or 3 or even 4 roles in a project. For instance: i may be the production assistant during pre-production but then lighting during production and editor in post production. also some roles can be combined: set design, props, costumes, makeup and script supervisor can be the same person….

since this is a feminist project and everyone is learning something new in making a video remember to plan for switching roles so that everyone has a chance to use the camera, set the lights, think about sound and participate in editing.

next steps::
plan how your production team will work — keep in mind who will do what and keep rotating responsibilities.


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