week two :: day 4 :: audio + light

Sawt al Niswa


in today’s session we concentrated on audio, learned some quick basics of lighting and some tips for how to deal with lighting on a low low budget project. we also covered some basics strategies for conducting a video interview.

participants had a chance to get familiar with different types of microphones: camera mic, lavalier, and shot gun. in small groups participants made field recordings of
a personplaceor thing in order to understand directionality, quality, and sensitivity of different microphones and recording devices. We came back together and shared our recordings and our experiences. highlights of the recordings :: opening and closing of a cell phone; the difference between the camera mic, a shotgun, and a small semi-uni directional mic in an interview on a street – finding out the camera mic is omni-directional; and finding out how to capture chewing with a lavalier mic. With this knowledge, everyone left the workshop ready to conduct either a street interview or a formal interview by session 5.

lighting :: key/spot light, back light and fill. this is our mantra. no matter what the situation — key, back, fill. and remember the sun is our best friend in low budget production. if we don’t have a light kit — be resourceful and creative.

my quote of inspiration for this week’s project:

“feel very free to make lots of mistakes.”

next steps::  continue to develop project ideas and think about distribution to refine your concept — who is your audience and how will you reach them. in session 5 we will make groups + keep developing our ideas and start planning for the next phase: PRODUCTION!!!


Sawt al' Niswa



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