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It was difficult to believe at first, when I started noticing that my dad is another "middle eastern" man. Hard to believe especially when all he has was 4 daughters.

Hearing him say that no matter how big you get in your career and in building your dreams and working on your ambitions (as he taught you while you were a kid), you'll end up being a housewife because that's how things are, and should be.

Yes you have earned a couple college degrees, yes he's seeing you evolve and come closer to what you've dreamed of becoming in your career but no he doesn't expect more of you and what you should really focus on now is getting married to the right guy and start a family. After all, that is "every woman's dream".

Another shock comes when you see how sexist he would get when commenting about other people's stories or when debating about a subject on TV: from the curse words to the undermining explanations he attributes to other women.

My dad is a man after all, and this is what I came in terms with but I think he'd never realize that his daughters, are "unfortunately" women...

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