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How is it like to be a woman in my everyday life:

I walk in the streets afraid of being harassed or raped.
My last encounter with Patriarchy in a taxi was when the cab driver felt entitled to give me advices about when to have sex and how to have sex just because he is a man and knows better. It was better than the one who felt entitled to grab my legs and face.
Then I returned home to be bullied and abused by my brother, just because I wanted him to turn off the music while he didn't, and have my mother justify his aggressive actions by saying, "I know you, you probably pushed his buttons to do it... be understanding, he is a boy, he is angry, that is how boys let out their anger, he doesn't know better."
Or when my father felt that it was okay to lock my mother outside the house because she was out late and was more worried about what the neighbors would say if they saw her come back at that time, instead of being worried about her sake and how would she feel.

As a woman, I am expected to submit, to obey and not question.

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