Sexual harrasment/You are foreign so you are open to sex with everyone


10 days ago I got too tired to get off the bus in Daoura. I don't like to stay alone in the bus of course, but I said to myself, after checking that the windows could open in case of a problem with the bus driver, that why the hell would something happen after all?

So the bus kept driving, the doors closed, the driver asked me where I was going, pretented he couldn't hear and asked me to sit behind him. He started to ask me lots of questions, I started to boil inside, remaining calm, again using the strategy of courtesy to put my energy to think about how to get out of the situation. "Where are you from, oh you are French, are you married oh yes ok, do you have children, no then you must be a young bride! (yuk), where is your husband?, do you have a house here, where, in Jounieh, then if you need anything I can drive you I'm always on this highway, take my number, does your husband work here, do you come often, again call me if you need anything, even if you want to hang around somewhere, do you smoke arguilé? No ha! Do you smoke? No ha! Do you drink? No! don't do anything, hahaha!!"...

"Please stop, let me down here"

"Sure let me write my number, what are you doing tomorrow?"

"I'm not available tomorrow, can you open the doors please?"

"What are you doing on Sunday?"

"I'm not available on Sunday, I'd like to get down"

"What are you doing next week?"

"I don't know we'll see, yalla bye"

(the doors are still closed)

"Stay with me a bit, what are we going to do next week? We'll hang around raouché.. we can go to a hotel?"

"Open the doors right now please.."

They opened, I ran out, since I was a couple of minutes away from the Police station in Gemmayze I went there, crying, to tell my story. The Police station...that's another story, a 4 hour one...

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