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My first Job interview! I was super excited!

I woke up early and dressed formally, I also printed my CV filled with my degrees, my knowledge, and experience (I had worked before, but it was in a family friend's office, so I didn't do an interview)

I went out and realized that the weather was slightly cold for my clothes, but it was too late... I reached the office, my interviewer asked me a couple of questions, than started looking down my shirt, he then said, staring at my breasts, "Isn't it too cold for this?" I laughed and brushed it off saying I wasn't feeling cold. Finally he told me to call him on Monday and come for a one-day-training, at the end of which he would decide whether he'll employ me or not.

I left, and started thinking about his remark: I am too paranoid, he definitely didn't mean it that way, I must have imagined that he was staring... I'm getting too sensitive! After all he just commented on the cold weather ... All this feminism is trying to affect me, I just became too paranoid... I'm gonna call him on Monday...

-"Hello, this is [name], I'm calling for my training.
-Oh! Hi [name].
-Should I come today?
-Well to be honest, there is a power cut, we can't turn the computers or the lights on, and there's no one here.
-Oh alright, we'll postpone it for later.
-No, no! you can come anyways...
-Well you can come!
-No, thanks! *hangs up*

Thinking again : he definitely didn't mean it this way, maybe he wanted to do some paper work, maybe I'm just too paranoid... But this time I decide not to call again.

A few days later I receive a text message from him: "Guess who's the prettiest girl I have ever seen? ;) ;) "

Oh ! apparently I'm NOT too paranoid, that man is 3 times older than me... He had my CV in front of him, he could see my education, my knowledge, my intelligence, but all that mattered to him was my clothes that were too cold for the weather, my "prettiness" , and a visit to his office during a power cut...

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