Lack of Lebanese Women Solidarity


I am a feminist but not by birth. I became one by experience after getting married. From the day the lady behind the cash counter at a major Lebanese appliance store looked at my husband and asked him about his name to write the receipt for the fridge we bought (a fridge we paid for together), I have started to feel oppressed!
The day we opened a saving account for our son that had to be in the father's name.

The day when my husband asked the teller at the bank about the balance of my personal account, she hesitated at first but couldn't hold the information from him when he raised a bit his voice showing he was pissed off!

I became a feminist when I realized that men use their physical power to oppress their wives; when I experienced that and saw it around me.
I became a feminist when I realized that women have been their own worst ennemies. As moms raising their boys and girls on different values, and in the workforce not supporting each other, and not demanding their rights.

We as women can change our world if we join efforts and stop living in denial.

I am a feminist and I call for #LebaneseWomenSolidarity...

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