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The Story of Millia

I don't know where to begin or is it their fault or mine. I just never felt that I belonged to their patriarcal monarchy and as a child I used to dream that I was left here by a UFO ship and they adopted me.

My first trauma was at the age of nine, my mother was sick and my father asked me to wash the dishes. I told him that I didn't feel like it and that he could ask any of my two brothers, his answer came with his belt lashing on my skin. I screamed and told him that he didn't have the right and that I'm gonna tell what he did, he just turned his belt and hit me with buckle, it left a scarr on my soul and on my skin.

Then I became a teenager and started to have friends and being invited to parties. Thing is I was a girl and had to carry the heavy burden of family honor on my tiny shoulders. I was not allowed to go out nor to have a boyfriend; that led to three suicide attempts from my part.
First time, I drank a full bottle of alcohol at 90 degrees, my mother laughed saying that I probably cleansed my stomach.
Second time, I tried to slash my wrists, but they managed to force the bathroom door before I finished the job, my mother cried and was scared at the sight of the blood asking me why I was being so cruel to them.
Third time, I got more professional, I took some pills and ended up at the hospital for several days.
None of the above budged their position and I began wandering why the hell I was so lucky to survive?

At the age of 20 I met a cute guy at university, they tried to stop me but didn't succeed, after several years of going steady they put so much pressure that they forced us into engagement. As the date of the wedding was approaching I realized that he wasn't the right person for me and broke up with him. They raised hell but I stood up for myself and told them : "it's my life not yours."
After a while, I met another person, they wanted to stop me from seeing him saying that people considered me a slut going from one man to another, but I wouldn't listen. So one night they waited for me as I came back from an outing, both my parents and my big brother. They started screaming at me telling me that I was a shame to them and their family and if I wouldn't stop seeing him they're gonna deny me from my heritage and family name. I told my brother that it wasn't his business and that I would stop seeing my guy when he would stop seeing his girl, he started hitting me with my parents watching and approving. That night I left the house from my balcony door and took shelter for one week at a friend's house. I had a big black eye and a big hole in my heart.

to be continued...

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