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I am with my father going to by some painting for the facade of a building. The man selling in his shop knows my father and when he see me coming he reacts as if he was surprised saying to my father "yeh yeh, lech ma 'eltelle jeyeba ma3ak?" and then to me "the last time I saw you your hair was more "manfoush"". I never saw this man before... I am standing on a small peace of wood, he says "nzale menno hayda, shou mfakkra 7alek atche?" (I am tall, 1,75m) and my father feeling uncomfortable telling me "come here, don't stay there". I was super surprised I didn't say anything. Then he asks me "How old are you", I say 30, he laughs on my accents, supposed to be frenchy or classy, dont know... then asks my father "is she married?", father "No but she has done very high strudies" Me thinking "Why my father said this? Did he felt obliged to give an explanation why his daughter is not married yet? my father has always been super open minded, seems that age is making him change...". The man answering "Shou ya3ne m3annse lhay'a!" with a hahahaha.

I just didn't say anything, I was astonished by this familiar way of talking and making jokes. I didn't say anything and just asked my dad if he was done so we could leave.

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