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28 years old in a country like Lebanon, that means you are way late for getting married and you should marry the first person who proposes to catch the train of life!! but what if marriage is not what i dream of? What if i didn't get married until now because i don't want to? what if i can't find a trustworthy person who i can continue my life with, reassured that i wont be stabbed in the back in few years? Even if you have all your reasons, you are still looked at with a sympathetic look by everyone you know, and you are still asked the same question " why didn't you marry the guy who proposed last time? he seemed really nice". You may also hear the comment:" you will keep refusing proposals until you'll find yourself alone and no one will ever look at you.", but DUH!! this is what i really want!! to be alone!! to stay alone!! to live and die alone!!

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