An incident that happened at work :

I work at Industrial Company that sells generators, burners, radiators etc…One day I heard an interesting conversation between the salesman and a customer. The customer was checking burners and the salesman was helping him by explaining the characteristics and structure. The conversation was like:

Customer: “I want a burner with a simple structure, where it is easy to break it down and recollect it “

Salesman: “Oh...This burner is so simple that even a woman can break it down and recollect its parts!! In Arabic his words were:" حشا قدرك المرا فيها تفكّوا و ترجع تركّبوا”

Customer: “Great!! “

Sadly I couldn’t confront him because he is the manager’s cousin and I need my job. Since this incident, I treat this guy coldly and sometimes rudely .

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