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I might have had hopes that some men were different, when I met him. Smart, funny, ethical and lustful all together. The first to ever caress my soul along my body. Then I said "I Do" to be reduced in less than a year in the golden cage, to a "wife". A creature that replaces Mama in the second stage of a middle eastern man's life. Roles downgraded from lover, equal partner, and companion to housekeeping, cooking and financial partnership. Internet porn and my after-shower oil replaced my body which he once swore moved his being. Silent nights facing the glowing tv screen replaced our late night drives and endless talks. I am sure my mother faced the same. If only she had told me to stay the mistress rather than to "legally and religiously" adopt an adult child. Passive aggressive attitude is also one of the attitudes women need to stand against. Right to sexuality is to be added to her demands... Maybe one woman should kill a man for the much he had rejected her for a change! Marriage is a losing institution. And exercising power through sexual rejection and emotional withdrawal in my opinion are as destructive to my soul as physical abuse. But we are good house raised girls... Shshsh we don't talk about it.

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