Reflections on Queerness in the Arab World: An Interview with Dr. Samar Habib

Before the last decade, all we could focus on – as Arab queers – was looking back to the past, determined to uncover our roots, our trajectories as Arab queers living in the Arab world or in the diaspora. Today, the paradigms are shifting, making us reflect on our present and future, all the while feeding on histories unearthed by the scholars and activists who came before us. Among these scholars is Dr.

إبتسامات ثورية

هناك شعور نعاني منه جميعا في سوريا، على الاقل في

Superwomen yet Part Time Citizens? The inexorable paradox of Lebanese women’s gender roles

A list of big and small heroic acts by Lebanese women during the civil war would have no end.  Although they did not take part in the decision to start the war, they were hit by the horrors inflicted on all Lebanese and worked to improve their lives and the lives of people around them, taking on their duties as mothers, citizens, and humans.

Politics of Closeness and Alienation

To Audre and Adrienne,


Because a true vision holds much power, if it is not killed into this reality, it will have no place to go, and all its power will destroy the one who received it.  A vision is a responsibility, and to kill the vision into reality is a complete act of power.

أسئلة برسم الاستفسار: قانون حماية المرأة من العنف الاسري

عددت الأسباب والنتيجة واحدة، قانون مشوه، حماية

اللغة تحت الإحتلال




Unimaginable Wind: A Eulogy for Adrienne Rich (1935-2012)


In the diary as the wind began to tear

Syria: Abundance of Images but Absolute Lack of Frame of Thought


The waves of revolutions in the Arab world have challenged so many assumptions, opinions, political streams and even political structural relations around the world, on macro and micro levels. Some link the revolutions to the same point of origin, some think they are product of global processes and others think they are informed by local political, economic, religious tensions.


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