تمارين على الكتابة بالعربي

من خلوة صوت النسوة : تمارين على الكتابة “بالعربي”

الادفمينستم : فن التهجمم على النسويات

أي فخر في مواكب الفخر؟

country house retreat

country house retreat

the women kissed
upstairs or downstairs
played ping pong

the women swatted
flies and ate oranges
by the pool and drank

sometimes one would laugh
while playing Fußball
about her parents or a client

who walked
into her bank manager
office complaining

about the moral decline
of the country in which
they lived in which

those damned homosexuals
lived in which she
gave him a loan

and waited once again
for the weekend



A Call for application

July 30- August 1st 2010



SAWTALNISWA Calls forth feminist women writers to take part in a writers’ retreat to discuss and write about many topics relevant to women, feminism and the process of writing.


عن الذاكرة الذكورية والنسوية الحلزونية

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لكم أجسادكم ولي جسدي


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