في الانتخابات البلدية الآتية، لِنختر البديل

Conceptual Offerings to the Current Movements for Justice

There is something historical taking place in Lebanon. Everyone agrees on this. Strength and a3fyeh to organizers and activists. The following is written with camaraderie and respect. Apologies for this English - the Arabic of this activist suffers from diaspora. She grew up outside, but lives in this place on its edges, suspiciously connected through “being Lebanese”.


Shadow Feminism in Lebanon, Part One


Shadow Feminism in Lebanon, Part One

by deema kaedbey

I Intro

When Reality Strikes: Post #14Jan Reflections

I do believe that change is possible. I do have hope for a better future in this country. But sometimes, reality strikes me. Sometimes, when I listen more deeply to my surroundings, I tend to lose hope.

Collective Push of the Elephant

Sometimes it takes a collective of feminists to spot the patriarchal elephant in the room (and to show it to the door). 

Battling patriarchy is difficult, particularly when you try to do it alone. If anything was learned from the Jan 14 March, solidarity is both empowering and inspiring. Change will only come if we work together to identify problems and construct positive solutions.

يوم ضربَنا مصرف لبنان: مبلى في بديل


Civil War: Will I Ever Consider Myself Lucky to be Born in Lebanon?

As someone born by the end of the Lebanese civil war, I should consider myself lucky to not to have witnessed any of the brutality that took place back in those days. Yet, this is not exactly my take on things.

Audre Lorde, quote mining and rambles from an editor in despair

It’s spring again. Unfortunately not everyone is in love and flowers are nowhere close to picking themselves[1]. Yet it’s a wonderful spring, Mubarak has been overthrown, Ben Ali has been kicked out and in our hearts we are jumping north, as Damascus is about to rise.


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