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Who Needs Women’s Rights Anyways?

Almost everytime you talk to a Lebanese man about women’s rights, the typical response is: “Women’s right in Lebanon? It’s men who should be asking for their rights nowadays!”

Issues at hand, but where’s the government?

It is no secret that the Lebanese people are awaiting the formation of the new government. Yes, one again. Governments in this country, lately, tend to last a year or so. It’s become a national hobby to “await the new government.” The politicians keep yo-yoing between deadlocks, resignation and formation. It’s a closed loop. Every two years, we experience the same roundabouts of events.

Like Perfumes Like Brides

In our respectful Lebanese society, choosing a wife is like buying a perfume. The potential sellers are the family of the bride and the buyer is, naturally, the man. The main requirements are that it should be brand new. Who would want a used perfume? It should also smell good, because the buyer wants to brag about it in front of the other buyers. It is supposed to be FOR HIM, and not for anyone or anything else.

Reflections: Egyptian Law and Women

In two short weeks, the world has witnessed, through Egypt, a historical event few were prepared for. What would have been a repressed movement has found strength through new media outlets.

Must Be A Friend

I am guilty. I admit it. I am guilty of doing something I encourage others not to do. I am guilty of remaining silent. Until today.

Being Single In Jounieh

Growing up in a Lebanese Christian environment around Jounieh, I was expected to find me a husband, get married and have good Christian babies. But I had a different idea and the thought of marriage was beyond ridiculous to me. Even as I lived among all those married people, the concept never made any sense whatsoever. I had other plans and I set out to pursue them.

أنا عضو فاعل بالمجتمع

نحنا البنات بلبنان بقولولنا انو لازم نكون شاكرين ربنا انو نحنا


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