Fast Car: Why I’m Taking The Streets

I had always felt strong; I had never let anyone force me into something I didn’t want to do. I refused to be submissive to the social rules and expectations from an early age and I definitely wouldn’t have expected to react this way. I was 18 years old. I had recently moved back to Lebanon. I was eager to get my driver’s license and so I went to an instructor to learn how to drive manually. I wanted to do it the “right way”. He told me I needed two weeks of practice before the driving test. The first few days were very exciting and empowering.

رزان مرّت من هنا


معطف الممانعة الاحمر

Online Security is a myth: 4 useful tips.

Online security is almost a myth but what you can do is make it really hard for someone to hack your account or at least catch them while doing so.

Below are some security tips that don’t include “choose a hard password” – “don’t use an easy password like your name or phone number” and so on – I am pretty sure that almost everybody has heard those tips and yet fails to apply them.

A Real Room of Her Own

People find it strange for a woman to want to live by herself. Unless she’s getting married or going to a university that is really far from home, people don’t see any reason why she should move out from her parents’ house.  It doesn’t really matter whether she has the means to have her own apartment or not, because as long as she is single, then she “belongs” to her parents—more precisely to her father.

التعبير الإلزامي

نهار الجمعة 6 ايار يوم شهداء الصحافة احتفلت جامعتي

ماذا جرى في المظاهرة: تجلّيات ذكورية

Gentrification and the fight for one’s home

In one episode of CSI Miami, the group of skilled detectives have to deal with a crime at a neighborhood under ‘planned’ gentrification. The government was evicting inhabitants from their homes, paying half the property price and selling it to a development company to build a hotel. The law-respecting squad then finds itself in an ethical dilemma: does it allow the eviction and follow the court decision, or does it fight it for the sake of disinherited powerless families? And if the law is allowing for such an action to happen, could the law be wrong?

Ad Feministem: a Lesson in Logic

One argumentative fallacy I remember from the Introduction to Logic class I took 10 years ago was called: “Ad hominem” which means “To the man.” It is a false, incorrect way of arguing that we use very commonly when we go after the person presenting an argument in an attempt to discredit them using irrelevant accusations. Here are some examples of ad hominem:


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