International Solidarity: The Power to Create Something Better

International solidarity is crucial because the plight of Gaza’s 1.5 million impoverished and isolated inhabitants is not a domestic problem, not a natural disaster, not a mistake. It is the perfectly logical consequence of generations of ugly craftsmanship on the part of foreign diplomats, politicians and businessmen – all profiteering from the brutal colonisation of the Palestinian people.

Who Needs Women’s Rights Anyways?

Almost everytime you talk to a Lebanese man about women’s rights, the typical response is: “Women’s right in Lebanon? It’s men who should be asking for their rights nowadays!”

ثورتنا تكون ثورة جذرية عندما تفسح المجال للمرأة أن تكون في المقدمة

Women’s voices from the Anti-Sectarianism Demonstration: “The revolution starts with us”

Sunday, February 27, witnessed the first sparks of the Revolution Against Sectarianism in Lebanon. An estimated 3,000 people took to the streets to protest against the sectarian regime. Despite the dreadful weather, they were all there, shouting in the name of freedom.

Women’s voices from the Anti-Sectarianism Demonstration: “Our leaders failed to provide us with a decent life”

The demonstration against sectarianism, held in the pouring rain, surprised everyone present with its size and enthusiasm. This massive group braved the rain and the thunder. They marched in peace. Drenched to their core, the demonstrators chanted ironically, “We will swim to the Judicial Court!”


If it’s all wrong, then it’s all got to change: Why sectarianism is bad for women

It’s no secret that Lebanon’s sectarian system is bad for, well, almost everyone unless you’re an entitled clan leader perpetuating the patriarchy. And it’s no secret that the sectarian system works by pitching various components of Lebanon’s ever-numerous minority groups against each other, while the erstwhile leaders reap the profits.

الان، أكثر من أيّ وقت مضى، يجْدر بالنسويّات الشابّات اختراقُ فضاءات اليسار وتنويرُها

لا شكّ في أنّ ما حصل في تونس وامتدّ إلى مصر يؤكّد قناعاتٍ أساسيّةً لي، وللعديد من المهتمّين بالشؤون السياسيّة في المنطقة، أهمُّها: أنّ التغيير المنتظر قادمٌ دائمًا في وقته، ودائمًا في محلّه؛

عن الثورات الزائفة


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