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Being Single In Jounieh

Growing up in a Lebanese Christian environment around Jounieh, I was expected to find me a husband, get married and have good Christian babies. But I had a different idea and the thought of marriage was beyond ridiculous to me. Even as I lived among all those married people, the concept never made any sense whatsoever. I had other plans and I set out to pursue them.

Education and ‘Wasta’: A Personal Experience

I’m 26 years old, graduated few years ago from a private university and have now decided to do my Masters. For a woman who is independent and prefers to pay her own fees at a university, I refuse to take anything, unless I really earn it. My first option for a masters degree was the Lebanese University, known that the Lebanese University is almost free of charge, you only pay your registration and can get a decent degree.

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When Feminist Writers Retreat

By Deema Kaedbey

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