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ضحكة والسلام

حتى أحكم إن كانت الفكاهة، “ضحكة والسلام،” أو إن

Living your politics at night in Hamrason


Let’s say you were raised in Lebanon in a pretty traditional family – even though your father worked in the Gulf for a while and you have a cousin who studies in Paris and comes home wearing unusual, artistic, clothing – but your mom has pretty much done what’s expected and what’s needed of her to keep the family going and you were never really rewarded for rocking the boat.

سِمعا صوت؟

نكمل السنة في صوت،

How Do You Say “Hello Women” in Filipino?

I have no idea. And yet I went down to Dawra and Bourj Hammoud on Sunday with a few of my feminist friends to talk to migrant women in Lebanon about the problems they face.

شتا والمدينة التي ترفض النظام

حضّرنا لها في أربعة أيام، لم نعرف بعضنا البعض من قبل، اختلفنا كثيراً، واتسمت الاجتماعات بصراخ ذكوري،استطعنا بما أمكننا من حيلة ورجاء،

عفواً كاريتاس

الثورة المصرية بين “الثقافة” وغيابها


I wish we had machines that channeled our anger for us.

Your daily routine: do the dishes, hang the laundry, channel your anger down an eco-friendly disposer. Or sweat it out through your skin. Or spit it out like mucus. Something, anything, besides this soul-wrenching process of convincing you why I have the right to feel the way I do.


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