Reflections on Suicide Reporting in Online Lebanese Media


Mother’s Day Hypocrisy

Ya3ni, we all know that corporations get especially greedy around Mother’s Day trying to shove ads down our throats everywhere we look. And it’s hypocritical of Lebanon to celebrate mothers anyway when they are so blatantly inferior to fathers in almost every aspect of the law. If you love mothers so much, give them their right to guardianship of their children at least!

جَدّات “صوت النسوة”

تطبّق اليوم “صوت النسوة” السنة، كصحيفةٍ نضرةٍ

سِمعا صوت؟

نكمل السنة في صوت،

week one :: camera workshop + public service announcements

great work everyone.

in just two sessions we’ve made videos together!

in our first session we introduced ourselves and our goals and expectations for the workshop. we also began developing a common language for reading images by watching Public Service Announcements.

New Song Counters Sexist Pop in Lebanon

Put a [football] sock in it, Le Mall!

Ooohhh.. hihihi *giggle* *giggle* I didn’t know Kaká was a football player!
Ooohhh.. hihihihihi.. I swoooon over hot Italian boys chasing balls…!!

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