من الثورة..هنا صوت النسوة


مقدمةُ صوتِ النسوة 


   نعودُ لنكتبَ عن الثورةِ التي نحبُ، عن النسويةِ كممارسةٍ يوميّة. منذ 17 تشرين الأول 2019 والبلادُ تتغيّرُ وتتسعُ لنا جميعاً، لبنانيات ولاجئات ومهاجرات ونساء وأفراد كانت يومياتُهنّ\م ما قبل 17 تشرين الأولمقاومةً يوميةً، كفاحاً يومياً في وجهِ الأبويةِ والطائفيةِ والرأسماليةِ على أجسادِهن\م وأفكارِهن\م ووجودِهن\م بالمطلق. في هذا الفضاءِ الواسعِ والرّحبِ والمتنوّعِ من الأصواتِ والأفكارِ، نَشرُ صوتُ النسوةِ لمقالاتٍ ومحتوى نسوي يرتبطُ بالثورةِ والتجاربِ والأفكارِ النسويةِ يبدو لنا حاجةً مُلحّة.  

A Sawt Story

Ten years are what epic tales are made of, an odyssey. Setting sail to make movement. I think Sawt wanted a movement as much as Gilgamesh wanted immortality. It shifted its shape, it grew and spilled across borders, it shrunk to pass through keyholes. Setting sail through waters as rough and unpredictable as Beirut-based realities: hurricanes and pirate ships, or going into new waters where we could not see land for months.

Reflections on Organizing the International Women’s Day March in Lebanon.

The feminist movement in Lebanon can be described as diverse, complex, and filled with and encompassing all the issues women face under patriarchy in Lebanon, with a strong feeling of solidarity. ‘Every struggle is priority and solidarity is the solution.’[1]

Things to Avoid in 2017

1- Overthinking 2016: it will be gone. It’s not coming back. Yes, you’ve done things that were bad, you’ve found yourself in drama, you've witnessed a lot of injustice and violence, you felt like the whole world is falling apart. bas that was that. Another year is about to unfold, most likely it will not be much better, but at least 2016 is not coming back.


Solidarity Defeats the Impossible

Women have been struggling on a daily basis for equality and justice. They have been defying the impossible through daily practices of courage and defiance. Women in the MENA region are standing alone against all odds, surviving a deadly mixture of oppressive and patriarchal regimes, ISIS, occupation, war, violence, displacement and loss.

لماذا تخليتي عنّا، نوال السعداوي؟

Urgent Call from Co-mayor of Diyarbakır Gultan Kisanak:Stand Up To the Siege


We've been receiving various sorts of statements and appeals from our sisters in the Kurdish regions of Turkey. We are extremely concerned about the situation and where the Women’s Freedom Assembly (KÖM) have been sending out this information: 

مقابلة مع مبادرة قلم رصاص



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