صراع الاجيال والحركة النسائية في لبنان

 تعترض مسيرة الحركة النسائية الكثير من العقبات، منها الموضوعية ومنها الذاتية. لكني ساتناول عقبة جديدة  على هذه الحركة  (وان كانت قديمة في تاريخ المجتمعات) الا وهي  "صراع الاجيال" . فما مدى تأثير هذه "العقبة" على الحركة النسائية اللبنانية ، وكيف السبيل الى تخطيها؟

A Sawt Story

Ten years are what epic tales are made of, an odyssey. Setting sail to make movement. I think Sawt wanted a movement as much as Gilgamesh wanted immortality. It shifted its shape, it grew and spilled across borders, it shrunk to pass through keyholes. Setting sail through waters as rough and unpredictable as Beirut-based realities: hurricanes and pirate ships, or going into new waters where we could not see land for months.

لنفاجئ أنفسنا من جديد


أنا لم أملّ. في الواقع، لم أبدأ بعد. 

حتميةُ البوح| لمن يهمها الأمر


Reflections on Organizing the International Women’s Day March in Lebanon.

The feminist movement in Lebanon can be described as diverse, complex, and filled with and encompassing all the issues women face under patriarchy in Lebanon, with a strong feeling of solidarity. ‘Every struggle is priority and solidarity is the solution.’[1]

" تأملات في العمل النسوي: دعوة للبوح"


النسوية والطب النفسي في لبنان: مقدمة


Feminism and Psychiatry in Lebanon: an Introduction

This issue constitutes one small piece of many years’ worth of private and public interactions with psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians of all specializations, friends, family members and strangers - but also, importantly, a continuous search for answe


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