Mona Hatoum — screening

I highly recommend this screening. Mona Hatoum’s Video letter and Chantal Ackerman’s Film. Maybe they will give you inspiration for your future projects.


LETTERS – video screening

Wednesday June 30, 2010 at 8pm

Documentation of the Video workshop

We will have weekly update of the video workshop organized by Sawt. We will post resources, videos and how are we doing :) 

الأقلية مش عيب ولكن

بسياق برنامج تبادل ثقافي شاركتفيه بالسويد، زرنا مركز إبن 

New Song Counters Sexist Pop in Lebanon

In the Shadows of the White, White West

Sometimes it takes a dream to show you how you feel.

Addendum: Get the Breast

من وحي الاعلان:

Voices (Aswat) of Anger and Solidarity

On May 31, Israel massacred 10 international activists and injured nearly 30 on international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. About 650 international activists, from 44 countries around the world, were heading towards Gaza Strip carrying humanitarian aid including scooters for disabled people, medicine, toys, and basic foods. The Free Gaza flotilla’s mission was to break the four years of Israeli blockade and siege on Gaza Strip.

Put a [football] sock in it, Le Mall!

Ooohhh.. hihihi *giggle* *giggle* I didn’t know Kaká was a football player!
Ooohhh.. hihihihihi.. I swoooon over hot Italian boys chasing balls…!!


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