عفواً كاريتاس

عن الثورات الزائفة

الثورة المصرية بين “الثقافة” وغيابها

Meiroun’s Drawings

الى زنوبة الصغيرة
To this little girl, whoever she is, wherever she is…


by Amal Ziad Kawaash

Reflections: Egyptian Law and Women

In two short weeks, the world has witnessed, through Egypt, a historical event few were prepared for. What would have been a repressed movement has found strength through new media outlets.

The Revolution is Being Televised on Aljazeera

There is a terrible silence that fills the space around me when the voice of Ayman Mohyeldin stops, as i notice that my internet connection has broken and the web streaming of Aljazeera has yet again been interrupted. The constant soundtrack to my January school days in this cold Ohio city.

Education and ‘Wasta’: A Personal Experience

I’m 26 years old, graduated few years ago from a private university and have now decided to do my Masters. For a woman who is independent and prefers to pay her own fees at a university, I refuse to take anything, unless I really earn it. My first option for a masters degree was the Lebanese University, known that the Lebanese University is almost free of charge, you only pay your registration and can get a decent degree.

Women and Self Censorship: A Conversation*.


… So I have a question to ask you all about women, writing and self censorship. Why do women censor themselves? Why is our relationship to writing steeped in holding back?

“Does part of it have to do with being diplomatic and being brought up to please everyone? To not be angry or forthright?”


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