Collective Push of the Elephant

Sometimes it takes a collective of feminists to spot the patriarchal elephant in the room (and to show it to the door). 

Battling patriarchy is difficult, particularly when you try to do it alone. If anything was learned from the Jan 14 March, solidarity is both empowering and inspiring. Change will only come if we work together to identify problems and construct positive solutions.

ايجار رخيص مع احتمال الموت: بيروت ترحب بك

Me and a Gun #Jan14

In Tori Amos’ autobiographical song about surviving rape (“Me and a Gun” from her first album, Little Earthquakes, 1992), Tori talks abouther choice to wear a “slinky red thing,” and how women's susceptibility to rape is commonly perceived to have something to do with the way they dress or the places they frequent.

يوميات عاهرة قذرة جدا

تجربتي مع الحرب الأهلية اللبناني

ولدت عام 1988 اي قبل انتهاء الحرب رسميًا بسنتين.

عن رزان غزاوي من صديقة


كل دولة لا تجرِّم كل أنواع الاغتصاب لا يُعوَّل عليها


How About We Listen to Sex Workers, For Once?



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