ضحكة والسلام

حتى أحكم إن كانت الفكاهة، “ضحكة والسلام،” أو إن

نوستالجيا المخيم

Gentrification and the fight for one’s home

In one episode of CSI Miami, the group of skilled detectives have to deal with a crime at a neighborhood under ‘planned’ gentrification. The government was evicting inhabitants from their homes, paying half the property price and selling it to a development company to build a hotel. The law-respecting squad then finds itself in an ethical dilemma: does it allow the eviction and follow the court decision, or does it fight it for the sake of disinherited powerless families? And if the law is allowing for such an action to happen, could the law be wrong?

Ad Feministem: a Lesson in Logic

One argumentative fallacy I remember from the Introduction to Logic class I took 10 years ago was called: “Ad hominem” which means “To the man.” It is a false, incorrect way of arguing that we use very commonly when we go after the person presenting an argument in an attempt to discredit them using irrelevant accusations. Here are some examples of ad hominem:

Diary of a feminist: 18/05/2010r

My coworker is a sexist guy. He thinks that women can’t drive because they can’t focus. “It’s in their genes” he explained to me. He later told me about his “scientific” theory that explains what it is in women’s vision that doesn’t allow them to focus on the road ahead. He also said that when we go back to the basics men are stronger- that’s just the way it is- and this is why men are superior.

International Solidarity: The Power to Create Something Better

International solidarity is crucial because the plight of Gaza’s 1.5 million impoverished and isolated inhabitants is not a domestic problem, not a natural disaster, not a mistake. It is the perfectly logical consequence of generations of ugly craftsmanship on the part of foreign diplomats, politicians and businessmen – all profiteering from the brutal colonisation of the Palestinian people.

Suha Beshara : Critical Thoughts

Souha Bechara attempted to assassinate Antoine Lahad of the South Lebanon army. He unfortunately survived the assassination, and currently resides in Zionist state of Israel in exile.

Reflections on the logic of things, Lebanese style.

I always wonder how it was decided that women were lesser citizens than men. Did men think that women were doing most of the job in procreation so they decided to be part of the process by making the child their own, legally and socially, as a way to create more balance? And how were women convinced by it? And what about this conflicting idea that sex is taboo and sexual drive is a vulgar instinct but everything in human society is basically decided based on sex, procreation and gender, even things that have nothing to do with genitalia?


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