Being black, poor and a woman in the Cedar Revolution land

Just when we thought probably the coming of a new year might slightly hold a different situation for migrant domestic workers, we are impeded with the triviality of our hopes. The first uninvestigated death (not to say that there was any investigated death so far) of young Theresa from Philippines happens on the 4th day of 2010. Just like all its predecessors. No investigations. No sorrow. No arrest. No trial. No media shock.

Audre Lorde, quote mining and rambles from an editor in despair

It’s spring again. Unfortunately not everyone is in love and flowers are nowhere close to picking themselves[1]. Yet it’s a wonderful spring, Mubarak has been overthrown, Ben Ali has been kicked out and in our hearts we are jumping north, as Damascus is about to rise.

كيف كدت أقتل الممرضة وعامل الصندوق:

لمطر ينهمر في الخارج وأنا بالي مشغول.

مقياس حرية المجتمع هو حرية المرأة: ما حصل لنساء مصر في الثامن من اذار

فى ميدان التحرير أسقطنا نظام

I Want My Colors Back

Remember the days when colors belonged to us all?

Who Needs Women’s Rights Anyways?

Almost everytime you talk to a Lebanese man about women’s rights, the typical response is: “Women’s right in Lebanon? It’s men who should be asking for their rights nowadays!”

How Do You Say “Hello Women” in Filipino?

I have no idea. And yet I went down to Dawra and Bourj Hammoud on Sunday with a few of my feminist friends to talk to migrant women in Lebanon about the problems they face.

Women’s voices from the Anti-Sectarianism Demonstration: “The revolution starts with us”

Sunday, February 27, witnessed the first sparks of the Revolution Against Sectarianism in Lebanon. An estimated 3,000 people took to the streets to protest against the sectarian regime. Despite the dreadful weather, they were all there, shouting in the name of freedom.


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