A Call for Submissions: Palestinian Fairies Project

Sawt Al Niswa is launching a new page that seeks to explore the intersections between Palestine and Womanhood. We’re looking for all sorts of submissions, written and otherwise ( film, poetry, photography, and music etc.), to express your reflections and experiences in this area.

What's Music Got To Do With It

The arguments have become familiar. We want to enjoy life; music is not political; dancing should unify us, not divide us. We can’t keep being the sacrificial lamb of the Palestinian cause. Aren't you Lebanese? Are you an Islamist? Don’t you like rock and roll music, coca-cola, and dancing under the stars at open-air raves? Aren’t you for the freedom of expression? Are you (gasp) intolerant?

شكراً بطرس حرب، بس ما فهمنا

بوليس الانترنت : قانون تنظيم تكنولوجيا المعلومات في لبنان



عن حركات “فنجان القهوة”

منذ عقود، اعتادت اللبنانيات واللبنانيون على نمط واحد من الحركات المدافعة عن حقوق المرأة (الحركات النسائية) وهي: حركات فناجين القهوة. شو يعني؟

الأقلية مش عيب ولكن

بسياق برنامج تبادل ثقافي شاركتفيه بالسويد، زرنا مركز إبن 

New Song Counters Sexist Pop in Lebanon

In the Shadows of the White, White West

Sometimes it takes a dream to show you how you feel.


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